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ENGLISH literature student Anastasia Christodou­lou fears a mental health crisis is “brewing” among students.

She blames the Government for ignoring their plight.

Anastasia claimed her education at the University of East Anglia had “not been the same quality” as a result of the switch to online learning.

The 20-year-old said: “I think the Government hasn’t even mentioned university students throughout this.

We’ve been completely ignored, which I think is ridiculous.

“The Government likes to pretend they care about mental health but there’s a brewing mental health crisis. There was a mental health crisis at universiti­es before the pandemic and this has just exacerbate­d it.”

Anastasia, who is in her final year, felt “really sad” that she could not end her degree the way she imagined. She said: “I have a couple more assignment­s, then my degree is finished. I haven’t been able to see some friends for six months. It’s not quite the experience we signed up for.” She added: “Lecturers are doing their best but it doesn’t justify spending £9,250 for something that isn’t the same quality.”

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