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Brussels’ behaviour is an assault on Britain


THE debacle in the European Union over vaccines is beyond belief. But what is even more extraordin­ary is that the bureaucrat­s in Brussels are trying to blame Britain for their appalling failings.

For all those years when Remainers claimed that Brexiteers were racists and stupid for wanting out of this internatio­nal bloc, it has not taken long for Leave voters to be proven right.

The decision to blockade vaccines coming to Britain, which have been bought and paid for by the British taxpayer, is an assault on our country and could lead to the deaths of vulnerable people.

This is an act of aggression from Brussels which one MP is rightly describing as “acting like the Mafia”.

The chutzpah of the European Commission trying to lecture Britain and claim we are guilty of “vaccine nationalis­m” is astonishin­g.

The facts are that the EU has with the vaccine, as with everything else, put its own bureaucrac­y ahead of people’s lives and wellbeing in Europe. Unlike Britain, it failed to order enough vaccines early to distribute them and then signed a poor agreement with no timescale on delivery.

The UK’s vaccine rollout, free of the bonds of the EU, is the envy of the world.

Meanwhile, there is further good news that a one-jab, rather than two-jab, vaccine from Johnson and Johnson is 66 per cent effective, which no doubt will be put to much better and quicker use here than in the 27 EU nations.

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