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Rita apology’s shot right now


THE restaurant that hosted Rita Ora’s illegal 30th birthday party in December was offered a £5,000 bung to break the law.

So it wasn’t as Ora suggested at the time “a spur of the moment decision” to have the party – especially as all the security cameras were turned off and windows were blacked out as part of the deal. It was a calculated move to get around the law – a law Ms Ora clearly didn’t think applied to her or her celebrity pals.

So her grovelling apology at the time where she whinged about being “misguided” and “deeply sorry” blah blah meant nothing. That was all about saving her reputation and protecting her brand.

Now, police want to strip the restaurant, Casa Cruz in Notting Hill, of its licence and people could lose their jobs all because some rich, spoiled celebrity wanted to party. (Happy Rita?)

But rather than think about that or the lives she may have endangered by her selfishnes­s, Rita’s apparently obsessed about trying to find the person who blew the whistle on her illegal bash.

Kinda says it all…

HOLLYWOOD star Ioan Gruffudd, who has ended his 13-year marriage to actress wife Alice Evans, says work drove them apart. Alice says he mentally tortured her and told her he didn’t love her any more. Ioan’s people say there’s no one else involved.

Nah – I’m not buying it. Men – particular­ly handsome Hollywood men – rarely leave their wives unless there’s a younger, more beautiful replacemen­t waiting in the wings.

We’ll soon know…

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