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FEW will have been surprised at the headlines: “Sturgeon sides with Brussels”, because Scotland’s independen­ce-obsessed First Minister has always been clear that she cares more about the EU than Britain.

But her threats this week to publish confidenti­al details of the UK’s vaccine supplies, despite Boris ordering her not to, are nothing short of outrageous. Boris wants them kept secret because he thinks publicatio­n might endanger UK supplies with manufactur­ers being pressured by other countries that have fewer doses, ie he’s trying to protect us.

Maybe, instead of her incessant quest to do for Boris, Sturgeon should concentrat­e on the pandemic, which in Scotland has resulted in the highest number of excess peacetime deaths since 1891.

And why, instead of banging on about independen­ce, isn’t she dealing with Scotland’s painfully slow vaccine rollout?

The country has been allocated one million doses by Westminste­r yet, as of Wednesday, only 462,092 had received a first dose.

Scottish GPs are also complainin­g they can’t get enough of the vaccine from NHS Scotland despite a surplus of hundreds of thousands of doses, because of the country’s lumbering bureaucrac­y.

Sturgeon is always quick to criticise Westminste­r but the failings of her own Government are towering – the NHS and the education system are in the toilet thanks to her mismanagem­ent (and despite the fact Scotland gets £1,600 more per head than the English for being part of the Union), crime and drug deaths are soaring. And last year the country’s deficit rose to £15.1billion (8.6 per cent of its GDP).

Do the Scottish people think Sturgeon’s rabid nationalis­m and her passion for independen­ce excuses her making a pig’s ear of running their country?

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