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- By John Ingham Environmen­t Editor


My mobile phone deal comes I made a complaint to the to an end next week. The Financial Ombudsman over provider has told me that the an insurance dispute. It has contract will “roll over”. Does found against me, where can I go this mean I am stuck in the next if I want to continue my contract? complaint?

Ruth Watson


No, it means that until you terminate it, it will carry on under the same terms. My advice is to ask what new deal they can give you or to shop around the market to see what other deals are available.

Do not leave it as is, as it is likely a better deal will be available.

ADavid Wooton

The next step would be the courts, but I would urge caution. If the ombudsman has found against you it will be a big indication that you may not have a case.

Be sure of your position before launching into court proceeding­s.

CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak has been urged to kick-start the UK’s green recovery by giving the fight against climate change a tax break.

Leading eco groups have written an open letter to Daily Express Editor Gary Jones backing our Green Britain Needs You campaign.

WWF, CPRE, the Wildlife Trusts, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth supported our pre-Budget call for Zero for Zero – zero VAT on products with zero or near-zero emissions.

They concluded: “Now is the moment for the Chancellor to make it affordable for all UK citizens to take action in support of a climate-safe and greener world.”

And in a separate letter to the Government most of these groups urged ministers to set a target to treble solar energy in the UK by 2030.

This renewable could then meet up to 15 per cent of electricit­y demand.

Currently the tax system discrimina­tes against going green.

Solar panels, for instance, can carry 20 per cent VAT whereas burning coal at home is subject to just five per cent.

New electric cars also have the same levy as petrol and diesel vehicles.And refurbishi­ng or insulating an old house means 20 per cent VAT whereas new-builds are exempt.

In the letter to Mr Jones, the groups wrote: “Ahead of the Budget next week, we are writing to support your ‘Green Britain Needs You’ campaign and call on the Chancellor to scrap VAT on low- and zero-carbon products and services.

“We agree that the current tax regime is not aligned with the UK’s net-zero mission.

“Action is urgently needed to ensure the tax system encourages and does not penalise green innovation, whilst ensuring that the most vulnerable

Action needed…Rishi Sunak in society are protected. Scrapping VAT on green goods – for example insulation, solar panels and electric cars – and on services, such as retrofitti­ng homes to make them low carbon, can help to kick-start the UK’s green recovery.”

Like the Daily Express, the campaigner­s urged the Government to show world leadership ahead of this November’s COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

The groups wrote: “Now is the moment for the Chancellor to make it affordable for all UK citizens to take action in support of a climate-safe and greener world.”

Earlier this week Blackadder star Stephen Fry made a video appeal to PM Boris Johnson. He claimed a carbon tax would save more lives in the long run than have been lost to Covid. Mr Fry spoke after a Zero Carbon Campaign poll showed that 76 per cent backed making polluters pay for the damage they do. The Treasury said all taxes are kept under review and stressed that Mr Johnson’s 10 Point Plan for his Green Industrial Revolution included £12billion for eco tech such as electric vehicles.

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