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Takeover boss loses bank claim

- By Brian Farmer

FINANCIER Amanda Staveley has lost her High Court battle with Barclays who she sued for millions after claiming they made “false representa­tions”.

The businesswo­man known for being a broker in takeovers at Manchester City and Newcastle United alleged the banking giant cost her private equity firm up to £830million.

Ms Staveley, 47, made complaints about Barclays’ conduct during the financial crisis in 2008. She said it agreed to provide an unsecured £2billion loan to Qatari investors but alleged it was concealed from the market, shareholde­rs and her company PCP Capital Partners.

She said PCP was induced to invest on “manifestly worse terms” than Qatari investors due to the “false representa­tions”.

Barclays disputed her allegation­s, saying she had a “tendency to exaggerate”, and Mr JusticeWak­sman ruled against her yesterday.

A TOWERING bouncer who delivered a fatal “one-punch” blow to a reveller used “excessive force” to hit his victim, a trial has heard.

Paul Wallington, 25, died after suffering a fractured skull when he was allegedly knocked to the ground by 6ft 8in LeslieWise­man in the early hours of Christmas Day 2018.

MrWallingt­on died four days later in hospital but Wiseman denies one count of manslaught­er.

The 31-year-old of Eastwood, Essex, told Basildon Crown Court he acted in self-defence outside The Vine bar in Brentwood, Essex.

Two witnesses recalled seeingWise­man use “excessive force” to punch the man “as hard as he could”.

One told the court: “There were two bouncers and one was particular­ly tall. The taller bouncer punched the victim in the right cheek with a closed fist.

“He leant back a bit and I could see anger and irritation in the bouncer’s face.”

The trial continues.

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