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Push to clean up our world is on fast spin

- By Steph Spyro

BRITAIN generates more electricit­y from offshore wind than anywhere else but plans to do far more, an energy minister has said.

The UK aims to quadruple the amount of offshore wind generated to 40GW by 2030.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: “Our offshore wind energy sector is the shining jewel in our crown.The UK generates more electricit­y from offshore wind than any other country.

“And we continue to break records with wind turbines reaching new heights earlier this month – powering nearly half of the grid on a single day.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out his plan for a green industrial revolution in November which he said will create and support up to 250,000 jobs.

The scheme will mobilise £12billion of Government investment.

The clear direction by the country’s leaders for the sector has helped make Britain the world leader, the UK boss of energy firm Ørsted has said.

Speaking from the company’s Gunfleet Sands OffshoreWi­nd Farm about four miles off the Clacton-on-Sea coast in the northern Thames estuary, Duncan Clark hailed Britain’s ambitions.

He said: “The Government has set targets and trajectori­es. It hasn’t filled in all the pieces.And we need the Government to get more specific but step one, and the most important thing, is the direction – and they have done that.

“The UK Government’s got quite a good record. It hasn’t always happened as fast as we would have liked. But it’s been pretty clear.And that’s why it’s ended up being the leading market for our company.

“The last decade was magical because of the cost breakthrou­gh and growth.The technology stepped up in size.We showed you can build really big projects really far from shore. This is a solution.

“And, of course, there’s loads more invention that’s going to help. But what is needed to tackle the climate emergency is in front of us.” Although there is an internatio­nal supply chain for offshore wind farms – with components made across the globe – larger turbines mean they are being made locally.

Mr Clark said: “These days our offshore turbines are really big.”

The UK is on track to meet the 40GW target according to the pipeline of projects which have received permits.

But Mr Clark warned there is not a lot of “headroom” and the country needs “to continue making progress”. The Daily

Express Green Britain Needs You campaign is calling for further, faster Government action on climate change.

The Danish firm Ørsted operates 12 offshore wind farms in Britain, while constructi­ng Hornsea Two – which will be the world’s largest with the ability to power more than 1.3 million households.

Mr Clark said: “Wherever we build an offshore wind farm, we’re going to need people to operate it, typically in coastal towns.Those are good long-term jobs because the assets are long term.

“And they are in areas which are thrilled to have a growing industry in their heart.”

Gunfleet Sands supervisor technician Oliver Wilson added: “There’s new technology all the time and we’re right at the start of it.You can’t ask for more.”

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 ?? Pictures: STEVE REIGATE ?? Shore thing...a wind farm near Clacton and Steph Spyro with its boss Duncan Clark
Pictures: STEVE REIGATE Shore thing...a wind farm near Clacton and Steph Spyro with its boss Duncan Clark

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