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Act on climate change


THE vanishing of an Icelandic glacier is a stark demonstrat­ion of the consequenc­es of climate change. Our Environmen­t Editor John Ingham visited the mountain where a river of ice that once covered four square miles has simply melted away.

The “Ok” glacier is the first in Iceland to be pronounced dead and the rest could go in the next 150 years. Such profound change at so fast a rate must not be ignored. The polar regions are warming at nearly three times the world average; we ignore this at our peril. Boris Johnson wants the upcoming COP26 climate talks in Glasgow to deliver a deal that would be a landmark of his premiershi­p.

We hope that action will be secured to prevent catastroph­ic climate change and the extreme weather, desertific­ation and mass refugee movements which would follow.

Today’s leaders have a shot at preventing disasters which could define the lives of our grandchild­ren. They must not duck this challenge.

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