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The solution to winning is plenty of hard graft...


ARE girls really brainier than boys? So runs the new theory as the exam results are revealed, with girls way out in the lead. Or there may be another explanatio­n which is that girls simply work harder during the years of education.

Regarding the male thickos who appear before us on television quizzes like The Chase and Who Wants to Be… it is not hard to imagine that most of them spent the crucial ten schooling years staring out the window dreaming….. of one day being a luvvie on TV? Probably.

No education or IQ required.

WHAT a bleak landscape. The world is going to hell in the proverbial handcart, the late-August heatwave seems to have been cancelled. In sport we are beaten on the Cape Town rugby field by South Africa and at Lord’s crushed by India at cricket when we seemed to have the Test in our grasp.

But last Sunday the Wembley Arena opened its doors for a party (above). Our brilliant Olympic athletes came to celebrate their 65 medals, of which 22 were golds. Well done, lads and lassies.

IT SEEMS drones may be deployed to alert the authoritie­s to potholes in our roads. The pothole heaven where I live might be spotted just by reading the mailbag instead. We, nursing our broken shock absorbers, would be happy to tell ’em with much more basic technology – pen and paper.

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