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Decisions that leave the world in turmoil


THIS COUNTRY needs three public inquiries and it needs them fast. They should be hardhittin­g, no-cover-up examinatio­ns into what went wrong and why. Alas with our soporific establishm­ent we are unlikely to get any of them.

It really is time that our backbench MPs, all parties, started to demand and insist on what we who pay their salaries want and need rather than skulking behind the all-purpose excuse of Covid for bone idleness.

For a start, how on earth did a raging psychopath, spewing out his hatred of women for all to hear and read, get his shotgun licence back after it was confiscate­d?

Jake Davison was a maniac on the loose; once rearmed and able to buy shells over the counter, he went on a rampage in Plymouth shooting and killing five people and then himself.

His shotgun licence had been revoked in December over an alleged assault but it was handed back to him just a month before he went lethal.

By any standards that was a staggering error of judgment – in contrast to the myriad things we have not been allowed to do – like cuddling our grandchild­ren.

Now that Covid as a national mass-wipeout threat is over – and despite the tsunami of official excuses it IS pretty much over thanks to our brilliant scientists – we are entitled to know the truth about what we were told.

There are too many top academics repudiatin­g the claims of Officialdo­m’s Jeremiahs that we ever faced national slaughter of the million death level.

In short we now know too much to go on being “conned” into blind gullibilit­y over this pathogen.

We know it was highly contagious, but was it ever really pandemic? The Greek prefix “pan” means “universal” and only that. Covid was never universal – while smaller numbers of younger people have succumbed to it, in the main it targets the elderly.

For the under-70s with no existing frailty, is it any more lethal than three or four other viruses we have faced over the years – but for which we didn’t shatter the economy and almost cripple the nation? Only a tough, fearless inquiry will tell us.

ANDWE have a right to know why we invaded Afghanista­n, spent billions of pounds and lost the lives of so many servicemen and women without apparently changing a thing. The blazingly fast return of Taliban ferocity would have been impossible for a terror group that had been effectivel­y destroyed, as we had been led to believe.

The Taliban was there all the time, hiding behind the rocks, until the spineless Joe Biden decided to pull out US forces, with us clinging to their coat tails.

We Brits have paid our taxes, worked, buried our dead, grieved, worn our masks, shuffled through Heathrow and stayed at home.

It is time we were given one answer – in God’s name why?

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Picture: ALAMY STARK REALITY: The Lives of Others depicts life under Communist rule

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