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LABOUR Left-winger Len McCluskey lays into leader Keir Starmer, exposing what has become clear – there are two Labour parties, the moderates and the extremers.

In the past they managed to share a platform and give the country a viable Opposition. This is probably because all the leaders bar Michael Foot were moderates.

But the Marxist wing took over the biggest and most powerful of the trade unions and used strikes to bring our economy to its knees. Blair and his moderate successors put the Hard Left in a box.

Now, with weakness at the centre, they are out again but not as dangerous. More and more people see that they have a stake in our economy, owning property, driving a car, holidaying abroad. Downing tools at the drop of a hat does not serve their purpose in life.

Hence the disillusio­n with Labour and the crumbling of the RedWall.

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