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Staff may be decked by chair

- By Mark Reynolds

ONE of Britain’s top holiday spots has missed out on £200,000 of income because officials decided not to rent out deckchairs – in case they were used as weapons by thugs.

For more than 100 years, visitors to Bournemout­h have been able to hire the 3,500 council-owned chairs. But this summer they have been notably absent from the popular Dorset resort’s seafront.

The local authority told council memberVikk­i Slade that it was in case they were used to attack staff.

She said: “Even if that were the case, you don’t just get rid of the chairs – you increase security or have police patrolling the beach.

“When I asked about the financial impact, they said they had adjusted the budget by £200,000.”

A spokespers­on for BCP Council said: “The wellbeing and safety of our staff, residents and visitors was a priority in this decision.”

 ??  ?? Gone…deckchairs have been removed
Gone…deckchairs have been removed

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