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My stormy dreams, by Carol

- By Nicola Methven

WEATHER presenter Carol Kirkwood says she is still haunted by dreams about a horror cycling accident that left her with injuries similar to “a shark attack”.

The BBC star, 59, had to stay off work for three weeks after she was knocked off her bike by a car.

She admitted: “My confidence cycling on the road has gone to pot. I don’t do that now.

“It was such a shock. I had dreams about it and I still do.

“Sometimes, I still get upset talking about it. It’s not on my mind all the time, but I dream about being hit.”

Carol’s knee was badly injured in the accident.

She said: “It was cut down to the kneecap and some of my nerves were hanging out.

“I sent a picture of it to my boss and he said it looked like I’d been attacked by a shark.

But, she added: “I had a brilliant doctor in Wexham Park Hospital (in Slough, Berkshire) who sewed me back together again.”

She posted a tweet thanking the police, ambulance and hospital staff who helped her after the accident last year.

Thames Valley Police responded tweeting back: “Good to hear you are OK Carol Kirkwood and we wish you all the best with the rest of your recovery.”


Carol, who was a Strictly contestant in 2015, is now dancing to a different tune and is busy promoting her debut book.

Under A Greek Moon is about a Hollywood actress embroiled in a scandal, who returns to the Greek island where she fell in love with an enigmatic tycoon. And the fact it’s a romantic novel is no surprise – because Carol also revealed she has found love with a secret boyfriend.

She won’t reveal her new man’s identity but described him as “extremely handsome” and the “best thing that’s ever happened to me”.

Carol, who split from her husband of 18 years, Jimmy Kirkwood, in 2008, said she doesn’t know if she will ever get married again.

But she admitted her new mystery partner has made her the happiest she has ever been.

She said: “I don’t want to say too much about my boyfriend, but I will say he is very kind and very funny.

“He is always making me laugh,” she added.

Under A Greek Moon, published by HarperColl­ins, is available to buy now.

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