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Couch potatoes are seven times more likely to suffer a stroke

- By Stephen Beech

COUCH potatoes should leave the TV remote and get some physical exercise if they want to reduce the risk of suffering a stroke.

A study of 143,000 adults found that those reporting eight or more hours of sedentary time and low physical activity were seven times more at risk of a stroke.

This higher risk was measured against healthier people who spent fewer than four hours a day sitting still and engaged in more exercise.

Adults spend an average of 10.5 hours a day connected to media such as smartphone­s, computers or TV and those aged 50 to 64 spend the most time of any age group doing so, according to American Heart Associatio­n statistics.

Deaths from stroke are on the rise among those aged 35 to 64, up from 14.7 in every 100,000 adults in 2010 to 15.4 in 2016.

Study author Dr Raed Joundi, of the University of Calgary in Canada, said: “Physical activity has a very important role in that it reduces the time spent sedentary and it also seems to diminish the negative impact of excess sedentary time.”

He added: “Physician recommenda­tions and public health policies should emphasise increased physical activity and lower sedentary time among young adults combined with other healthy habits to lower risks of cardiovasc­ular events and stroke.”

Dr Joundi said that one limitation of the study was that it did not ask the participan­ts about occupation related sedentary time. Seated time could even be under-reported among people who have desk jobs.

 ??  ?? Warning…leave the TV and get active
Warning…leave the TV and get active

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