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SALES rep Joshua Hewitt, 23, was at a low ebb when he turned to the internet to help him lose weight.

“I had always been overweight but I started to get really down when I compared myself to other people on Instagram, all looking their best selves,” he said.

“Diets and exercise just weren’t working for me and I was too self-conscious to go and ask for something in a shop.”

He went on to ebay and typed in “dieting tablets”.

“There were about 15 pages so I chose the cheapest,” he said.

“They were only

DANGERS: Joshua had feelings of paranoia after a few days on the drugs about £3 and promised instant weight loss. After only a few days I started to feel terrible. Light-headed, nauseous, paranoid. I realised it must be the pills and I threw them in the bin. I also put on one stone.”

He said: “I felt so bad after a few days, I hate to think what would have happened if I had continued.” Joshua, from Richhill, County Armagh, is now working with the MHRA to raise awareness of the dangers.

“Fake meds can be as dangerous as illegal narcotics,” he said. “People who sell them should be treated like drug dealers or trafficker­s. They kill people, just like heroin and crack.”

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