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Shopping list from Aldi


Cowbelle fresh British whole milk (568ml) 50p

Cowbelle British double fresh cream (300ml) 85p

Specially Selected Italian Parmigiano Reggiano (200g) £2.59

Bramwells wholegrain mustard (200g) 35p

Everyday Essentials lemons (4) 54p

Cowbelle British unsalted butter (250g) £1.48

The Pantry plain flour (1.5kg) 45p

Bramwells Dijon mustard (200g) 35p

Merevale British large free range eggs (12) £1.75

Specially Selected Swiss Le Gruyere Aop reserve (150g) £1.99

Specially Selected

Comte (180g) £1.99

Solesta vegetable oil (1 litre) £1.99

Nature’s Pick large flat mushrooms (250g) 85p

Nature’s Pick standard shallots (400g) 89p

Quixo beef stock pots (96g), 69p

Fletcher’s fine ruby port (75cl) £6.49

4 Ashfield Farm 28-day matured fillet steaks (680g) £17.96

Specially Selected smooth chicken liver parfait (170g) £1.29

Specially Selected 14 month matured Parma ham (90g) £1.99

Everyday Essentials Clear Honey (340g) 69p

The Pantry Caster Sugar (1kg) £1.19

Greenvale puff pastry

(375g) x3 £2.37

Nature’s Pick limes (5) 89p

Old Hopkin dark rum (50cl) £9.99

The Pantry dry yeast (56g) 59p

Natures Pick cut parsley (30g) 57p

Cut chives (31g) 49p

Crunchy hazelnuts (120g) £1.69

The Pantry cream of tartar (200g) 59p

Total: £64.05

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