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Pop stars who turn to acting make me nervous. In Lily Allen’s case, my anxieties evaporated within minutes. As Jenny, the young wife haunted by ghostly footsteps and sounds in her baby’s bedroom, she has a strong, nervy presence in spite of an inclinatio­n towards stridency.

She bustles hither and thither as she tries to cope with her cynical, condescend­ing husband Sam (Hadley Fraser) and her two dinner guests, old friend Lauren (Julia Chan) and her rough diamond boyfriend Ben (Jake Wood from EastEnders).

Matthew Dunster’s direction is flagrantly unsubtle – ear-splitting screams and blinding lights set the nerves on edge without actually creating an atmosphere of dread. Danny Robins’ play is a clever variation on the theme of spectral visitation that would have benefited from a more considered approach.

Even so, it’s a solid whackyou-over-the-bonce ghost play that will make you jump and send you home with a chill down your spine.

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