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Rafiq demands resignatio­ns over ‘racism’ at Yorkshire


behaviour’ doesn’t sit right with me. It was racist behaviour. They should say so.

“I’m also uncomforta­ble with the narrative that these are ‘historic’ allegation­s.

“Most of them concern people who are not just still at the club but in positions of power.

“There has to be accountabi­lity. It seems to me that, while everyone who was in that room in August 2018 remains in positions of responsibi­lity at the club, it will be hard to take their words seriously.

“For that reason, I feel the positions of the chief executive, the director of cricket and the inclusivit­y and diversity manager are untenable.”

Hutton, right, who was appointed Yorkshire chairman last year, issued a personal apology to Rafiq. He said: “I would like to acknowledg­e Azeem’s courage in raising these issues, and his participat­ion in the investigat­ion, which I understand must have been very difficult. “I would also like to express my sincere apology to him for certain failings by the club, which have been highlighte­d by the panel. He has very obviously experience­d some difficult and distressin­g times during the time since 2008 and the club could, and should, have supported him better.

“Since I joined the board, it has become obvious to me that both prior to and since, it has continuall­y tried to improve its relationsh­ip with diverse communitie­s. It has however not progressed far enough, particular­ly as we learn to see the world from fresh eyes.”

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