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Klopp calls for end to anti-gay chants

- By Chris McKenna

JURGEN KLOPP has labelled Liverpool fans who aim homophobic chants at Chelsea players “idiots”.

The Reds condemned the actions of some supporters for singing the song at Norwich midfielder Billy Gilmour, who is on loan from the Blues, last Saturday.

Now Liverpool boss Klopp has met with Paul Amann, the founder of fan group Kop Outs which represents LGBT+ supporters of the club.

In an interview with Amann on the club website, Klopp called for the chant to be removed from the “songbook”.

He said: “If you think what you sing, you are an idiot. If you don’t think about what you sang in that situation it’s just a waste of time, forget it and go for another song. I never liked it. Especially in our case, we have probably the best songbook in the world.

“I think it’s easy – it’s easy to decide not to sing the song any more. It’s from no perspectiv­e the nicest song in the world, so it’s not necessary.

“It obviously makes people uncomforta­ble in our own fan group.

“We can decide now, this is not our song any more. I’m not sure if people listen to me but it would be nice. I don’t want to hear it any more for so many reasons.”

Klopp believes this type of song does the team no favours, either.

He added: “From a player or coach perspectiv­e, these songs don’t help. It’s a waste of time because we don’t listen.”

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