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1 Who is the writing partner of Dick Clement, who co-wrote with him The Likely Lads, Porridge, and Auf Wiedersehe­n, Pet? (3,2,7)

2 What is the name of the small concert venue Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth founded in the grounds of their home in Wavendon in 1970? (3,7)

3 What is the title of John Constable’s popular painting featuring a scene by a ford next to Willy Lott’s cottage in Flatford Mill, Suffolk? (3,3,4)

4 Who played undercover cop Steve Burns in

William Friedkin’s 1980 crime film Cruising? (2,6)

5 The Khyber Pass links Afghanista­n with which

other country? (8)

6 Henry Blofeld is a popular author and

broadcaste­r in which sport? (7)

7 Which Dublin-born artist painted a series of so-called ‘screaming popes’ based on a portrait of Innocent X by Velazquez? (7,5)

8 Who plays the title role in the long-running US

drama series Nurse Jackie? (4,5)

9 What is the most common alternativ­e name

for the jack in a deck of playing cards? (5)

10 In the House of Commons, what item of regalia does the Serjeant-at-Arms carry at the head of the Members’ procession to the Chamber? (4)

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