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Alarming bias of BBC bulletins


THE BBC, fairly salivating over its latest melodrama, led the news at the weekend with the pronouncem­ent that Britain, by clocking-up 150,000 Covid deaths, had now recorded more than any other country in Europe, which a few sentences further on, became “more than any EU country”.

We were then treated to close-up shots of the bereaved breaking down in a film, which I suspect had been prepared and canned ready for this statistic.

Context for the comparison with the EU was there none, so let me provide some.

Some 19 of the 27 EU countries have a population of less than 11 million or in other words less than a sixth of ours.

The only sensible comparison is to look at deaths per million of population which reveals we have done better than many EU countries including Italy and Belgium.

Globally, six countries passed the 150k mark before us but that does not mean they are all worse than us but rather that they have larger population­s.

The BBC then clearly said in its main bulletin that 150,000 people have died here “of Covid”, yet it knows that is not true as there is no distinctio­n made between those who die with Covid and those who die because of the disease.

As I’ve pointed out before, the Beeb always fails to read out “for any reason” in the sentence which the Government has truthfully provided below the figures.

The BBC just loves alarming you.

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