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Snivelling MPs must leave Boris to govern


THIS WEEK a few more of the troublemak­ers in the Conservati­ve Party will undoubtedl­y be putting in letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson. It would take 54 to trigger a secret ballot, with a simple majority required to evict the Prime Minister. I suppose some of them will end up crossing the floor in the end. But I don’t believe any one politician should think they are more important than the people of this great nation.

And having a go at Mr Johnson with everything else that is going on in the world at the moment shows they are far more interested in themselves than anybody else.

In my humble view, they are a bunch of snivelling cowards and should never be elected again.

If I had space in this column, I’d list all their names. But the next general election isn’t that far off and we the people can decide once again who we want to lead the country – not this shower of smug idiots who think they can do it better themselves.

MEANWHILE, the Labour-led devolved government inWales is trying to make holiday homes unviable, with plans for a 300 per cent council tax premium on second homes. At the same time they want to make it harder for those properties to be eligible for business rates instead of council tax. Second home owners can currently avoid council tax by registerin­g their properties as a business, as long as they are let for 70 days per year.

But the proposed changes would increase this number to 182 days per year to qualify for business rates – unviable for some.

Anyone who has worked hard and invested in property shouldn’t be bullied by politician­s who come up with these ridiculous ideas.

Other suggestion­s that older people should downsize or that anyone lucky enough to own a second home should be forced to rent it out or give it to the homeless are just as ridiculous.

I wonder who comes up with ideas like this? Probably young advisors straight out of college who know nothing about life.

Before you ask, I don’t have a second property and I have absolutely no intention of down-sizing!

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