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1 Small northern constellat­ion (the Dolphin) whose four brightest stars form Job’s Coffin (9)

6 Modern name of the ancient city Joppa, from which the biblical prophet Jonah set sail (5)

10 1882 Gilbert and Sullivan opera subtitled or,

The Peer and the Peri (8)

11 Small state of east central Mexico immediatel­y north of Mexico City; capital, Pachuca de Soto (7)

12 Unicameral legislatur­e of Denmark, sitting

in Christians­borg Palace in Copenhagen (9)

13 See 15 Down

15 German form of address equivalent to the

English Mr or Sir (4)

16 Metal container swung on a chain during a church service to release the fumes of burning incense (8)

17 Densest naturally occurring element, discovered by English chemist Smithson Tennant in 1803 (6)

20 & 22 1995 action thriller film starring

Sandra Bullock and Jeremy Northam (3,3)

25 Greek lyric poet (c. 518-438 BC) noted for his odes (Epinikia) celebratin­g victories in the games at Olympia and elsewhere (6)

26 Director of the 2022 film Doctor Strange in

the Multiverse of Madness (3,5)

29 Young herring, especially when prepared

and canned in Scandinavi­a as a sardine (4)

30 Second month of the Islamic calendar,

commencing on 28 August in 2022 (5)

31 Holy city of western Asia known in Hebrew

as Yerushalay­im and Arabic as Al-Quds (9)

34 Villain played by Joe Taslim in the 2021 martial arts fantasy film Mortal Kombat (3-4)

35 Longest river of the United States,

nicknamed the ‘Big Muddy’ (8)

36 ‘We have scotched the ___, not killed it’

(Shakespear­e Macbeth, 1606) (5)

37 Second album by US rock band the Beach

Boys, released in 1963 (6,3)


2 Pseudonym of US crime writers Frederic Dannay (1905-82) and Manfred B.

Lee (1905-71), who also wrote as Barnaby Ross (6,5)

3 Code word for the letter H in the NATO

phonetic alphabet (5)

4 Dialect term for a turnip, derived from its

Latin name napus (4)

5 Carambola; borne by the Averrhoa

carambola of the wood sorrel family (4,5)

6 Chief Executive-designate of Hong Kong,

succeeding Carrie Lam on 1 July 2022 (4,3)

7 In feudal society, the oath of loyalty sworn

to a lord by a vassal (6)

8 Longest-reigning emperor of Japan (192689), known posthumous­ly as Showa (8)

9 See 28

14 Summer capital of India from 1865 to 1939, in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh (6)

15 & 13 Across US actress awarded Oscars for The Sin of Madelon Claudet (1931) and Airport (1970) (5,5)

18 Greek island in the Aegean Sea on which the mythologic­al hero Theseus met his death (6)

19 Alternativ­e name for a will-o’-the-wisp, from

Latin, ‘foolish fire’ (5,6)

21 Large spiral-horned African antelope, either giant (Taurotragu­s derbianus) or common (T. oryx) (5)

23 1980s English rock band whose members included singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr (3,6)

24 Medical term describing a pulse with two

beats for each cardiac cycle (8)

25 Motet derived from the final couplet of the Latin hymn Dies Irae; famous settings include those by Gabriel Fauré and Andrew Lloyd Webber (3,4)

27 1606 comedy by English playwright Ben Jonson whose name is Italian for ‘the fox’ (7)

28 & 9 Down US sculptor (1867-1941) who carved the heads of four presidents into Mount Rushmore (6,7)

32 Japanese dish said to have been invented in its modern form (nigiri) by Hanaya Yohei c. 1824 (5)

33 Primordial giant of Norse mythology from whose body the gods created the earth (4)

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