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- CHLOE SMITH MP Former work & pensions secretary

BRITAIN won’t succeed if we don’t make use of everyone’s talents.

There’s over a million job vacancies – more than there are unemployed people who might fill them. So employers should consider the nine million people who have not recently looked for work. In the jargon, they’re “economical­ly inactive”.

This is more than one in five people of working age. It includes people who have retired early, are long-term sick or disabled, or are carers.

People aged 50 to 65 who are considerin­g a return to work say flexible working is the most important factor. We know work is good for health, but critically the NHS does not particular­ly link up with work.

Simple things like GPs’ guidelines should link to managing at work, says the Federation of Small Business. Firms should invest in occupation­al health to help people stay healthy.

Work will not be right for all. But too many are written off before trying.

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