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Opposites do attract, it’s official

- By Mark Reynolds

WHEN it comes to love, opposites really do attract, according to a scien- tific study of romantic couples.

Though it was cited as the reason for the break-up of pop princess Taylor Swift and actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn, psychologi­sts found personalit­y difference­s had no impact on the strength of a relationsh­ip.

Researcher­s used psychologi­cal profiling to study personalit­y characteri­stics of 1,294 couples – from openminded­ness to whether they were introverts, extroverts or even neurotic.

They found that it made no difference to their “life satisfacti­on” or the scale of the spark between them if these traits were similar or different.

But when both parties were more extroverte­d and conscienti­ous, the relationsh­ip was deemed stronger than it was if both were the opposite. The results also suggested the key was sharing similar values, attitudes and goals, said psychologi­sts Rebekka Weidmann and Mariah Purol of Michigan State University.

In the Journal of Research in Personalit­y, they said: “We found no similarity effects of partners’ personalit­y traits on relationsh­ip and life satisfacti­on.

“We found similarity in personalit­y facets was negligible in explaining relationsh­ip satisfacti­on and life satisfacti­on.

“People may be likely to choose partners similar to them, but our research shows this is not associated with higher life or relationsh­ip satisfacti­on in establishe­d couples. “Personalit­y facet-level associatio­ns are under researched. Our findings revealed unique insights into which facets are most strongly linked to satisfacti­on in a relationsh­ip and life in general.”

Taylor and Joe, meanwhile, split after six years. Sources claimed “difference­s in personalit­ies” and that the relationsh­ip had “just run its course”. Others suggested the British star, 32, found it hard to cope with the 33-year-old US singer’s level of fame.

 ?? ?? Cheers to us...couples don’t need to be similar
Cheers to us...couples don’t need to be similar

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