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- By Martyn Brown

RISHI Sunak has slammed “Sir Softy Keir Starmer” for being “flakey” and flip-flopping on pledges to the public.

During Prime Minister’s Questions

Sir Keir opened hostilitie­s in the Commons by claiming Mr Sunak had cost a thousand Tory councillor­s their jobs.

Sir Keir said: “This time last week the Prime Minister had to correct the record on misleading claims he made about employment numbers.

“Can he provide a further update now he’s cost a thousand Tory councillor­s their jobs?”

But Mr Sunak shot back: “Maybe I can just offer the honourable gentleman a tiny bit of advice from one of his predecesso­rs – Tony Blair.

“He said the right honourable gentleman can be as cocky as he likes about the local elections. Come a general election, policy counts. We know, the problem for him is he doesn’t have any.” Sir Keir said Mr Sunak did not have a mandate to govern. But Mr Sunak blasted: “It’s a bit rich to hear about mandates from the person who has broken every single promise he was elected on.

“I can go through the list: nationalis­ations, NHS outsourcin­g, Universal Credit, and now tuition fees. He was for them before he was against them. He’s not just Sir Softy, he’s Sir Flakey too.”

He also took aim at Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey when he asked a question. Referring to speculatio­n on a Lab-Lib deal in a hung Parliament, the PM said it was not surprising Sir Ed was “attracted to” Sir Keir given they had opportunis­m and a broken promise on tuition fees in common. Earlier this week, Sir Keir refused 11 times to rule out a Lab-Lib pact in TV interviews.

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 ?? ?? Commons combat… Rishi Sunak, left, accused Sir Keir, right
Commons combat… Rishi Sunak, left, accused Sir Keir, right

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