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Families fear school costs during crisis

- By Sarah O’Grady

CASH-STRAPPED parents need to find at least £39 a week for their child’s secondary school education and £19 for primary-aged pupils, research has found.

The cost of uniforms, learning materials, school trips, lunches and transport is increasing the financial burden on mothers and fathers struggling in a cost-of-living crisis.

Excluding before and after-school childcare and household costs like printers, the annual price tag for going to secondary school is £1,755.97 per child and £864.87 for a primary school child.

That’s £18,345.85 for children to go through all 14 years of school, or a weekly average of £39.01 for a secondary school child and £18.69 per primary child, according to the Child Poverty Action Group.

Uniform – including PE kit and school bags, costs most for parents of primary children and comes second only to transport costs for secondary school children.

Food – with the minimum defined as a packed lunch – is the second biggest cost for parents of primary pupils and is a major weekly cost for secondary school families.

The CPAG’s Kate Anstey said: “Parents are guilt-stricken when their kids are left out at school, but when you can’t cover the electricit­y bill how is a new PE kit affordable?

“Our research shows there’s a hefty and often hidden price tag for just the basic essentials.

“For struggling families it can feel more like pay-as-you-go than universal education.”

She continued: “It’s on each government to intervene and ensure that every child has at the very least the essentials required to take part in school and learn.”

 ?? ?? Uniforms are among regular pupil outlays
Uniforms are among regular pupil outlays

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