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Arena mum: Safety law is global legacy

- By Chris Riches

THE campaignin­g mother of terror attack victim Martyn Hett has told the Daily Express a safety law in her son’s name could become a global legacy.

Martyn, 27, was killed when Islamic State-inspired Salman Abedi, 22, detonated a suicide bomb after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in May 2017.

Since then his mum Figen Murray has campaigned for legislatio­n – dubbed Martyn’s Law – to force venues to ramp up security training and planning for terror atrocities.

Last night the 62-year-old grandmothe­r received a Special Recognitio­n prize at The MEN Pride of Manchester Awards with TSB for her work.

And she is now travelling across the world as no such venue legislatio­n exists anywhere – meaning Martyn’s legacy could be to save millions of lives globally. Proud Figen said: “I was amazed to discover despite laws on the amount of toilets a venue must have, or how hot it must serve food that there’s no security law protecting customers’ lives in a crisis.

“Other countries are looking at it too. I’ve been to the US and soon heading to Turkey, Germany and Iceland to talk about it.

“So Martyn’s legacy could be a global venue safety law which would be incredible. It’s just about protecting lives. Hopefully by next spring it will be in action.”

Martyn’s Law requires venues with a capacity of more than 100 people to improve security against the threat of terrorism, to have a plan in place and train staff to Government guidelines.

Figen, from south Manchester, added: “Had Martyn’s Law been in place that night, we now know that precious lives would have been saved.

“It isn’t going to stop terrorism but could mean fewer suffer what I and the families of Manchester had to endure.”

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 ?? ?? Martyn’s mother Figen picked up an award
Martyn’s mother Figen picked up an award

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