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Applause as Suella tackles Labour chief

- By Steph Spyro

SUELLA Braverman has insisted all women do not have penises, in a strike against political correctnes­s.

The Home Secretary received applause from the audience at the National Conservati­sm conference in Westminste­r yesterday when she made the comment – before taking a swipe at Sir Keir Starmer.

She said: “Our belief in freedom of speech means not only must we remain free to say what we think, but that we must never be forced to say things that we know to be false.

“There is something peculiar about our current political moment, where those of us advancing unfashiona­ble facts are beaten over the head with fashionabl­e fictions.


“The ethnicity of grooming gang perpetrato­rs is the sort of fact that has become unfashiona­ble in some quarters.

“Much like the fact that 100 per cent of women do not have a penis.”

The Home Secretary said conservati­ves must always be honest with the public, and truthful in their principles and priorities.”

And poking fun at the Labour leader, she went on: “In that way, we distinguis­h ourselves from the leader of the Left, Sir Keir Starmer.

“He opposes today the things he stood for yesterday, that he’ll change his mind on tomorrow and he’ll campaign on next year as a man of great principle. Although given his definition of a woman, we can’t rule him out from running to be Labour’s first female Prime Minister.”

Ms Braverman attacked the term “culture war”, saying it has become one of the most meaningles­s phrases in contempora­ry political discourse.

She said: “It has become an epithet to hurl at a political opponent you disagree with, to discredit rather than engage with them on the substance.

“Those of us who want secure borders...those of us like Miriam Cates – who you’ve also wisely invited to speak – who speak out against the sort of radical gender ideology which is leading to the mutilation and abuse of our children.”

Labour’s Rosie Duffield and Conservati­ve MP Ms Cates issued a rallying cry for the country to come together to protect women’s rights.

The MPs joined forces in the Express to warn that extremist trans activists must not be allowed to wipe away a century of hard-won protection­s.

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