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Resolute Holly shows how to steel limelight


AT FIRST glance, Holly Willoughby and the late Queen Mother would not seem to have a great deal in common. One is a bubbly and bright television presenter and the other came from a highly aristocrat­ic Scottish family and was the wife and mother of two monarchs. But scratch a little more deeply and you’ll see where the comparison lies.

Both present themselves as softies, while in reality being as tough as old boots and both (like quite a few women) were to be underestim­ated at your peril. A lesson poor Phillip Schofield has clearly learnt. By all accounts Holly has been imagining this latest move for years, breaking away from the talent agency they shared and publicly getting her own way when the two faced problems. Remember the row about them queue-jumping to see the late Queen’s coffin? Phillip thought that they should stay shtum and tough it out; Holly ignored him and put her side of the story out there. Women should learn from this: the way to get what you want is not to start stridently shouting about your rights, but instead to be charm personifie­d with a steely core.

As for Phillip, he also reminds me of a member of the Royal Family – Prince Andrew.

Phillip’s sins are as nothing compared to the disgraced Duke of York, but both also have something in common – they are said to have treated underlings with absolute contempt.

There’s another lesson for us all: treat people well as you work your way up the greasy pole. Because you’re going to need them when you come crashing back down.

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