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Sir David: Dinosaurs still give us a thrill

- By Mike Bedigan ●●Prehistori­c Planet, Series 2, available to stream on Apple TV+.

SIR David Attenborou­gh says bringing dinosaurs to life on screen has been “a remarkable achievemen­t” which “takes your breath away”.

But the veteran broadcaste­r, 97, said seeing them reconstruc­ted as animals prompts more questions about how they lived.

Sir David is taking viewers back millions of years narrating a new series of Prehistori­c Planet on Apple TV+.

He said: “I’m very aware that I’m watching extinct animals that I’ve never seen, but they are very familiar in the way they behave.”

Sir David said he was surprised at the skill of the animators and they had “clearly watched animals living today” to recreate how they would “go about dealing with problems”.

He added: “It’s such a thrill and that’s a remarkable achievemen­t.You have the most sophistica­ted reconstruc­tions and yet you film it in the way as though they were living animals.


“When you first see one of these things, in the bones, and certainly in the reconstruc­tions, it takes your breath away, but you really then want to start asking questions.

“How did they mate? How did they catch their food? How fast can they run?Were they aggressive? These basic realities are what palaeontol­ogists use to work out how an animal alive 66 million years ago actually ate its food.

“It’s very important that after your mind is blown by those wonders, that someone says, ‘yes, and we can prove that they’re true’.”

He said: “We know very significan­tly more about dinosaurs than we did even 10 years ago. Dinosaurs will always produce something unexpected.”

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TV giant...David Attenborou­gh

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