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Introducin­g the Fischer Hybrid Solution - Reduce Energy Use and Stay Warm


Despite the offer of a £5000 grant towards the cost of installati­on, take up of the Government’s Boiler Replacemen­t Scheme has got off to a slow start.

Under The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, households can apply for vouchers to help them switch to a heat pump. The government aims to give out 30,000 vouchers annually but only managed 9,888 between the scheme’s launch in May and the end of last year. So far, annual air source heat pump installati­on is under 40,000. As it stands, the government’s target to install 600,000 a year by 2028 seems a long way off.

Criticism of heat pumps and in particular their perceived lack of suitabilit­y for many UK homes may account for the poor uptake. Users who have installed heat pumps have also reported that their new system struggles to reach a warm and comfortabl­e temperatur­e, leaving them out of pocket, and… out in the cold.

Pioneers of Zero Emission Heating

Fischer has been manufactur­ing electric heating systems for over 75 years and in that time has gained vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in how best to utilise sustainabl­e heating systems.

Fischer has installed over 250,000 electric HeatCore radiators in UK homes along with electric boilers and water heating and they understand that if we are to reach net zero targets, the way we heat our homes is not a ‘One Size Fits All’ solution.

CEO Keith Bastian says: “To reach net zero targets, we need to move to zeroemissi­on heating, but due to the many difference­s in UK homes, customers need the best advice on which solution works best for them. At Fischer, we have multiple options for customers to choose from and we are helping customers transition to net zero in a manner that matches their needs.” A Hybrid Heat Pump. The team at Fischer has found a solution which offers customers the best of both worlds. Homeowners can now enjoy the benefits that a heat pump brings reducing their homes carbon emissions and energy use, while enjoying the same levels of comfort and warmth they experience with their existing heating system.

The Fischer Air Source Compact

Fischer has just launched the Fischer Compact to their zero emission product range which also includes electric boilers, patented electric water heating and 100% efficient electric HeatCore radiators. To combat the reduced temperatur­es produced by heat pumps, Fischer are providing customers with their ‘Warm Home Package’ that includes an Air Source Heat Pump, a dual hot water system with buffer tank and Fischer 40mm HeatCore radiators.

Fischer’s radiators are supplied to combat the lower levels of heat provided by a heat pump. Working in conjunctio­n with the heat pump, Fischer radiators bolster the room temperatur­e quickly, heating your home effectivel­y and efficientl­y resulting in you getting the warmth you need, whenever you need it.

What do the Tests Reveal?

The Hybrid Heat Pump Concept has been borne out of tests Fischer has conducted in a home setting. The test revealed that whilst Air Source Heat Pumps are highly efficient, enjoying performanc­e levels of around 300%, they struggle to heat homes to a comfortabl­e temperatur­e of 21º C.

Thanks to Fischer’s wide range of heating options, homeowners across the UK can move towards Net Zero and still enjoy the comfort levels they would expect.

Why Choose Fischer?

Fischer’s Air Source Compact features industry leading 80mm injected Polyuretha­ne Insulation to reduce heat losses and uses a R-32 refrigeran­t for improved energy efficiency and cost reductions. Compatible with Solar PV - The Fischer Hybrid Heat Pump Solution will play a significan­t part in the transition to net zero.

But what if you were told you could move towards Net Zero without compromisi­ng on comfort and warmth?

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