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Booking vaccines set to be made easier

- By Hanna Geissler

BOOKING jabs against a range of diseases will soon be “as easy as booking a cab”, the NHS has vowed.

Easier access to vaccine records via the NHS app and one-stop shops where people can get their shots alongside other health checks are among measures set out in a new vaccinatio­n strategy today.

Community outreach measures could also mean vaccinatio­n teams attend school parents’ evenings to discuss immunisati­on.

The plans will boost uptake of key jabs and bring us closer to ending preventabl­e diseases such as cervical cancer.

NHS England CEO Amanda Pritchard said:

“Just over three years ago, Maggie Keenan was the first person in the world to receive an approved Covid-19 jab.

“Our vision...sets out how we plan to build on this huge success and save even more lives.” Ms Pritchard added that NHS app users will be able to access their full vaccine status in seconds and book jabs with just a “swipe and tap”.

Over 156 million Covid jabs have been delivered since December 8, 2020, saving thousands of lives.

Meanwhile, the vaccine for human papillomav­irus has been found to cut rates of cervical cancer among women who receive it when aged just 12 to 13.

But uptake of some vaccinatio­ns, including childhood jabs to combat meningitis, polio, and tetanus, have fallen recently, with none meeting the 95% target in 2022-23.

Steve Russell, NHS England’s national director for vaccinatio­ns and screening, said jabs were one of the best ways to boost public health, second only to clean water.


He said plans include offering vaccines at pop-up clinics and health hubs in shopping centres, and teams attending parents’ evenings to address “barriers to people consenting to their child’s vaccinatio­ns”.

Health minister Maria Caulfield said that in order to get as many people vaccinated as possible, the programme must fit around people’s busy day-to-day lives.

She added: “We are unveiling new, innovative ways of getting these life-saving jabs and easing pressure on the NHS.”

 ?? ?? Easy to book...NHS app
Easy to book...NHS app

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