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Murray wins gran slam

- Mike Ward previews tonight’s TV

ANDY Murray, the well known tennis man, is very good at tennis. Not as good as he used to be, but good enough not to have to seek additional work.The next time you nip into B&Q for a box of screws, for example, the nice chap who stops whatever he’s doing and kindly helps you find them (aisle seven, I believe) will almost certainly not be Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE.

Or, at least, not the Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE who’s very good at tennis.

The last time I checked, that particular Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE was worth an estimated £130 million. Which is enough, I’d have thought, to allow him not to have to demonstrat­e any great aptitude in other fields.

And yet has anyone passed this informatio­n on to his Granny Shirley? Remarkably, it would appear not. “Now that he’s got a large family,” she insists, “he could do just a little bit more to help in the kitchen.”

Well, that’s certainly put him in his place, right? There’s nothing like one’s gran to stop one getting too big for one’s boots.

Granny Shirley is heard to express this opinion during a programme tonight called MARY BERRY’S HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS (BBC1, 9pm).

It’s Shirley’s grandson that Mary has really come to see – he’s among the celebritie­s she calls in on during her travels north of the border, to spread a little festive cheer and to give a lesson on how to be less rubbish in the kitchen (if not in those actual words) – but Granny Shirley sits in on the encounter.

And does Andy take issue with her critique? He does not. Not one little bit.At no point does he say: “Er, excuse me, Granny, but you do know I’m worth a fortune, I take it? You do know I don’t NEED to ‘do just a little bit more to help in the kitchen’? You do know I’m a two times Wimbledon champion and Olympic gold medallist?

“You do know this hotel we’re in is mine?”

He just takes it on the chin, bless him.And then he lets Mary show him how to cook a smoked haddock kedgeree. “I’m going to up your game,” she announces, as they head to the hotel kitchen. In the guy’s defence, it’s not as if cooking is entirely alien to him.

It turns out he even has a signature dish. “Eggy bagels is my speciality at home,” he tells Mary.

“Which consists of me taking the bagels out of the packet, popping them in the toaster, frying an egg – and then brown sauce on the top.”

We also learn he has another talent, as the teller of excellent dad jokes to his kids. “What time does Andy Murray go to bed?” he asks Mary. “Tennish!”

And Mary’s reaction? “Tennish? OK. I’m going to put the spinach in now.” Tough crowd.

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