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History: A Wartime Christmas, 5Select, 10pm

A double bill of this two-part series exploring what it was like for families celebratin­g the first three Christmase­s of the 1940s, and the challenges and deprivatio­ns people faced during these times. In the first episode, the Dekker family learns how to black out a home and build an air raid shelter, as well as prepare a Woolton pie for Christmas dinner. In part two, the Dekkers go on to experience some of the challenges of wartime Christmas – including the difficulti­es of cooking with limited rations – with food historian Annie Gray (left). Meanwhile, social historian Carol Harris explains that 1942 represente­d a turning point on the battlefiel­d.

Documentar­y: The Storms That Stole Christmas, More4, 10pm

Almost a decade after severe weather devastated parts of the UK between 23 and 24 December 2013, this documentar­y tells the stories of those who endured the bad weather over Christmas and the following festive period. Featuring amateur footage and expert commentary, the two-part film tells how trees were blown over, trains cancelled, Gatwick Airport was in chaos and 50,000 homeowners made do without power.

Film: Once Upon A Holiday, Great! Movies Christmas, 10pm

Overwhelme­d by her royal obligation­s during a Christmas holiday in New York, a princess leaves her entourage to explore the city on her own and see how the other half lives. Soon, she meets a charming young man who falls for her despite not knowing her true identity. Romantic drama, starring Briana Evigan and Paul Campbell (above) and Tara Wilson.

Film: A Model Christmas, ITVBe, 6.05pm

After taking part in a week-long, cross-country charity press tour, a winter storm forces New York City fashion model Cali, to spend the week before Christmas with her chauffeur, Jack, and his extended family in rural America. Before long, Jack’s loving family and joyful home encourage her to learn more about herself and the true meaning of Christmas. Drama starring Ash Tsai and Joey Heyworth (above).

Factual: The Windsor Castle Fire: The Untold Story, More4, 9pm

Insightful account of the battle to fight the fire which ravaged Windsor Castle in November 1992. Featuring newly discovered footage and dramatic personal stories, firefighte­rs explain the tactics they used as they attempted to get on top of the blaze, while others describe the multi-millionpou­nd salvage operation, and the frantic race against time to rescue hundreds of priceless paintings and other royal treasures from complete destructio­n.

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