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Does insurance boss have key to change... or is it just bigotry?


COMPANIES thriving on diversity outperform less inclusive firms. Studies show a whopping 25% profit boost when there is better gender diversity.

Yet the top still favours white patriarchy. Are the UK’s giants not interested in financial success?

Think about it: among 97 FTSE 100 CEOs, only 11 aren’t white Europeans. Just nine are women, including Amanda Blanc. There’s zero publicly shared LGBTQ+ or disabled representa­tion. Furthermor­e, 70% of these CEOs were promoted from within.

It’s clearly biased hiring and promotions, which upholds sameness and fosters inequality.

YES SHANI DHANDA Disability Activist and Entreprene­ur

By contrast, diverse perspectiv­es fuel innovation, expand markets and champion inclusivit­y.

Real change means dismantlin­g biased systems and opening doors for overlooked talent. Aviva’s step is a start, but true progress demands systemic change. Kudos to Amanda for leading the way.

NO ESTHER KRAKUE Daily Express Columnist

“I HAVE a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”.

Martin Luther King Jr must be turning in his grave to see those prophetic words callously disregarde­d today in the name of “diversity”.

With Amanda Blanc demanding senior white male recruits get a final sign-off from her, it is incredibly ironic that these diversity warriors fail to see the damage being done by such ludicrous measures.

What if the white male hire grew up on a council estate in a high crime area with a single parent?

Are we supposed to pretend that arbitraril­y putting them at the back of the queue helps ethnic minorities like me?

Let’s call such bigotry out for what it is – because there is certainly nothing “progressiv­e” about it.

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