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AI can locate cancer cells 2.5 times quicker than a doctor

- By Hanna Geissler Health Editor

ARTIFICIAL intelligen­ce that can locate cancer cells 2½ times faster than doctors is being rolled out across the country.

Within weeks every NHS radiothera­py department in England will be able to harness the technology to review CT and MRI scans.

The AI quickly distinguis­hes between tumour cells and healthy tissue to create a map of the body ahead of treatment – producing a report that is reviewed by trained healthcare workers before radiothera­py begins.

The rollout, backed by £15.5million of funding, is due to be unveiled today in Rishi Sunak’s speech at the AI global summit in Seoul, South Korea.

The first summit, in Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes six months ago, brought together nations, AI firms, academia and civil society to discuss the risks and benefits of AI for the first time.

Mr Sunak said: “Thanks to Bletchley we have created a legacy of internatio­nal collaborat­ion which means we are matching the pace of the technology.


“AI-powered medical advances – like in radiothera­py – are evidence of this and we must take advantage of them.

“That’s why we are pumping £15.5m into the NHS so it can be rolled out across England – to help cut waiting lists and make the UK the No1 place for AI innovation.”

CT and MRI scans are usually marked up, or “contoured”, by doctors by hand to highlight areas of the body at risk of damage when radiothera­py starts.

The AI can do this much faster, freeing up clinicians for other work – even after the time it takes to check the AI report has been accounted for.

During a trial at Addenbrook­e’s Hospital in Cambridge, the AI was found to be 2.5 times faster than the work of doctors alone.

Dr Imogen Locke, national speciality adviser for radiothera­py at NHS England, said: “The NHS is embracing AI and its benefits for cancer patients, and every radiothera­py department will soon be able to offer the latest technology to help diagnose and treat patients more quickly. We are seeing a record number of referrals for suspected cancer, and gamechangi­ng tools like AI will help the NHS continue the significan­t progress made in tackling the longest waits for patients.” Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said: “This is an exciting breakthrou­gh in our work to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“AI is helping to make our healthcare system faster, simpler and fairer.

“Thanks to such innovation, as well as our measures to help people quit smoking, and our work to grow the number of doctors in clinical oncology and radiology by a quarter since 2019, I’m pleased to say survival rates across almost all types of cancer are improving.”

AI is also already being used to analyse brain scans in 95% of stroke units in England, according to the Department for Health and Social Care

 ?? ?? ‘It’s exciting’... Victoria Atkins
‘It’s exciting’... Victoria Atkins
 ?? ?? Trial... MRIs will be reviewed faster
Trial... MRIs will be reviewed faster

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