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SOMETIMES we have to take a big step in life, whether we want to or not.As we get older, mobility can be more of a challenge and we need to invest in what’s best for us or our loved one. There’s a cost involved, but it doesn’t have to be something that stops us in our tracks.

These days we’re all looking for ways to save money, whether we are only boiling enough water for the cup of tea we need, or switching off appliances at the wall.

If mobility issues mean we can’t make it up and down stairs, action is needed – and, although it might not seem immediatel­y obvious, a stairlift could be the way to save money.

Reconfigur­ing the downstairs of your home to accommodat­e a bathroom or bedroom is expensive, inconvenie­nt and is even likely to have an adverse effect on the value of your property. Moving to singlestor­ey accommodat­ion is another option that’s costly, not to mention stressful – and you’d be leaving the home you love.

On the other hand, a stairlift is an achievable and effective way to help you access all the rooms in your home, without the hassle and cost of renovation­s or moving.

Stannah makes a variety of new models, yet you don’t have to buy new. There’s a large range of preowned stairlifts that have been reconditio­ned by the company specialist­s so they’re as good as new. None is more than five years old and each undergoes a rigorous 42-point check to ensure it meets company quality and safety standards.

And no matter what the shape of your stairs is, there’s something that will fit. Whether your staircase bends, is straight, or narrower than standard, both new and reconditio­ned models can be arranged to suit.

FURTHERMOR­E, the architectu­ral style and décor of your home can be taken into account – seats are available in a choice of finishes, fabrics, colours and trims. And while you’ll be getting a life-changing addition to your home at a great price, a reconditio­ned stairlift comes with the same standard of customer service and after-care as a brand new model.

A stairlift, reconditio­ned or new, can take your life to new levels at a cost that’s far more affordable than other options. Time to put that kettle on for another cup of tea...

 ?? ?? NEW LEVELS OF ENJOYMENT: Stay in the home you love and access all areas with the help of a stairlift
NEW LEVELS OF ENJOYMENT: Stay in the home you love and access all areas with the help of a stairlift

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