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ENTERTAINM­ENT The MONDAY, Museum 6.30PM, Of RADIO Curiosity 4 The three Professor guests to of nominate Ignorance, an John exhibit Lloyd, for the invites newly A nice mix opened of wit wing and of facts. the Museum of Curiosity.

Seekers THURSDAY, Mathew Horne, 11PM, of Gavin RADIO & 4 Stacey, stars in this six-part to work in comedy a Jobcentre, about but an Essex now finds man himself who used on the unwaged side of a jobseeker’s interview. DOCUMENTAR­Y The Life Scientific TUESDAY, 9AM, 9.30PM, RADIO 4 Genes are running out of the Y chromosome, and the male of the species is doomed – but not for another five million years. Geneticist Jenny Graves shares her theories with Jim Al-Khalili.

File On 4 TUESDAY, 8PM, RADIO 4 Wind power and nuclear energy are being heavily subsidised, but can they, Allan Urry questions, produce enough electricit­y? DRAMA Sword Of Honour SUNDAY, 3PM, RADIO 4 Guy Crouchback is in his 30s and considered too old to fight in the Second World War. He’s finally admitted into the eccentric Royal Corps of Halberdier­s… Evelyn Waugh’s comic and tragic masterpiec­e has been dramatised with style and sensitivit­y into this seven-part series.

On The Ceiling WEDNESDAY, 10AM, RADIO 4 EXTRA Two plasterers wait for their difficult and temperamen­tal boss to show up, so they can start work on a ceiling job. The boss is Michelange­lo, the ceiling’s in the Sistine Chapel, and the author of this droll drama is Nigel Planer. MUSIC Composer Of The Week: John Williams

MONDAY-FRIDAY, 12 NOON, 6.30PM, RADIO 3 The composer John Williams, whose film scores include ET, Star Wars and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, joins Donald Macleod for this series on his life and music.

The Full Works Concert With Jane Jones FRIDAY, 8PM, CLASSIC FM A festival of music, recorded last week at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, in celebratio­n of the Queen’s 60-year reign.

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