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The arrival of David is guaranteed to throw the cat among the pigeons, and the return of Walford’s most infamous Lothario has already ruffled feathers.

On Monday, he has his sights set on Carol again (has anybody told him that there are other available women?). Masood is, naturally anxious, but when David deliberate­ly drops his lunch and cuts his hand, Nurse Carol tends his wound and it’s clear the old spark has been reignited (not something it’s easy to do with a woman who has to douse herself in petrol to raise a flame).

David knows exactly how to play Carol, and despite moving out on Tuesday, he is encouraged back when Carol overhears him praising Liam. When he learns that the lad has a crush on someone, he also decides to give him some advice about the ladies. Coming from a man who nearly ended up sleeping with his own daughter, I’d take that with a very large vat of salt, Liam.

It’s Carol’s birthday on Thursday, surely an occasion to put a smile on her face, even if that is something normally achieved only by resorting to jaw realignmen­t surgery. It promises to be an awkward night, as her love rivals try to outdo each other. So, will Carol be more impressed with Masood’s huge bunch of flowers, or David’s single one? And will she see through David’s plan to put Masood in her bad books?

Jack asks Ronnie to move back in with him on Friday, but she is reluctant. Clearly, prison has done nothing for her sanity. She is still spending time with Roxy in secret ( below), but for how long will their meetings remain just that, especially when they are spotted by Michael?

I was horrified to see scenes of Michael’s funeral in the press recently. Will he be murdered and join that great mound of bodies in Epping Forest?

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