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At what point will Nick remember that David caused the crash that nearly killed him? It’s the million-dollar question on Monday as the Platts anxiously wait for Nick to start talking (right) – and it’s not often anyone looks forward to that. The word he keeps uttering as he comes to is David, and it’s safe to say he isn’t saying it in a ‘the one who beat Goliath’ kind of way. It’s a big worry for the younger brother, who on Wednesday reaches breaking point. On the one hand, he wants Nick’s recovery, but he also stands to lose everything. Personally, I think it’s pillow over the face time.

Now, does anyone think it a little weird that Sarah- Louise has not returned from Italy to visit her brother, who has been at death’s door for some time. If she’s doing so well with Uncle Stephen in Milan, how come he hasn’t been able to raise the dosh for an easyJet flight home? Come to think of it, why hasn’t Uncle Stephen himself returned home to visit our victim?

Having been praying for Nick to wake, on Friday Gail is praying for Kylie to shut up. The girl has decided that she wants to come clean to David about Nick. Meanwhile, at the hospital, a desperate David is begging Nick to believe that he never meant the crash to happen. But when Leanne walks in on the conversati­on, will the penny finally drop?

Steve decides to give Ryan a pep talk on Monday, encouragin­g him to grow up and grab life by the horns. Er, that would be the life coach whose idea of adventure is a lock-in? Still, anything that gets Ryan out of our hair is okay in my book. Michelle is heartbroke­n when he goes to pack, but will she be able to convince him to stay? Now it’s me who’s praying.

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