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6am Peppa Pig (R) 6.05 Roary the Racing Car (R) 6.15 Fifi and the Flowertots (R) 6.25 Bubble Guppies (R) 6.35 The Mr Men Show (R) 6.50 Chloe’s Closet (R)(HD) 7.00 Roobarb and Custard Too (R) 7.10 Bananas in Pyjamas (R) 7.25 Make Way for Noddy (R) 7.40 City of Friends (R) 7.55 Little Princess (R) 8.10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky (R) 8.25 Angelina Ballerina (R) 8.45 Rupert Bear (R) 9.00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (R) 9.15 Toby’s Travelling Circus (R)(HD) 9.25 Roary the Racing Car (R) 9.40 Jelly Jamm (R) 10.00 Mr Men (R) 10.15 Power Rangers: Megaforce (HD) 10.50 Slugterra (HD) 11.15 Inside Hollywood Magazine show. 11.20 Animal Maternity Two aardvarks

approach their due dates. (R)(HD) 12.15 Cowboy Builders Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger help a Nottingham couple. (R)(HD)

1.15 FILM Columbo: Caution – Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health (1991) PG A TV presenter kills a rival with poisoned cigarettes for digging up his murky past, but reckons without the shabby sleuth. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk.

3.10 FILM The Kentuckian (1955) PG A pioneer on his way to start a new life in Texas with his son is drawn into a conflict with a saloon owner. Western, directed by and starring Burt Lancaster, with Diana Lynn. (HD)

5.15 FILM The Magnificen­t Seven (1960) PG An enigmatic loner rounds up a band of gunslinger­s to help oppressed Mexican villagers to fend off bandits. Western, with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Charles Bronson. (HD)

7.45 FILM The Wonderful Country (1959) U A tough lone gunman returns from exile in Mexico to take on risky work with the Texas Rangers patrolling the border. Western, with Robert Mitchum, Julie London and Pedro Armendáriz. (HD) 9.40 5 News Weekend (HD) 9.45 FILM Point Break (1991) 18 An FBI special agent goes undercover with a gang of surfers suspected of being bank robbers. Kathryn Bigelow’s thriller, starring Keanu Reeves. (HD) 12.05 SuperCasin­o 3.55 Michaela’s Wild Challenge

(R)(BSL) 4.20 Make It Big (R)(BSL) 4.50 Roary the Racing Car (R)(BSL) 5.00 Angels of Jarm (R)(BSL) 5.05 Hana’s Helpline (R)(BSL) 5.20 Angels of Jarm (R)(BSL) 5.25 The Funky Valley Show (R)(BSL) 5.40 Roary the Racing Car (R)(BSL)

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