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6am Bananas in Pyjamas (R) 6.10 Igam Ogam (HD) 6.20 Fireman Sam (HD) 6.35 The WotWots (R) 6.45 Peppa Pig (R) 6.50 Big School (R) 7.00 Little Princess (R) 7.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (R) 7.20 The Mr Men Show (R) 7.35 Thomas & Friends 7.45 Noddy in Toyland (R) 8.00 Fifi and the Flowertots (R) 8.10 Peppa Pig (R) 8.15 Peppa Pig (R) 8.25 Peppa Pig (R) 8.35 Toby’s Travelling Circus (R)(HD) 8.45 Bananas in Pyjamas 9.00 Tickety Toc (R)(HD) 9.15 The Wright Stuff (HD) 11.10 Cowboy Builders (R)(HD) 12.10 5 News Lunchtime (HD) 12.15 Hustling America (R)(HD) 1.15 Home and Away (HD)(AD) 1.45 Neighbours (HD)(AD) 2.15 Castle Beckett discovers the novelist at the scene of a murder. (R)(HD)

3.15 FILM Her Fatal Flaw (2006) PG A talented defence attorney’s fiancé is arrested for murder. Crime drama, starring Victoria Pratt. 5.00 5 News at 5 (HD) 5.30 Neighbours Hudson is taken in for questionin­g and cracks under the pressure. (R)(HD)(AD) 6.00 Home and Away Heath is furious when Bianca fails to mention Zac accompanie­d her to the dinner, and Maddy realises Spencer still has feelings for Sasha. (R)(HD)(AD) 6.30 NewsTalk Live (HD) 7.00 Nature Shock: Giraffe Feast Investigat­ing why three prides of lions in a Tanzania game reserve changed their hunting tactics and began to prey on giraffes, at huge risk to their safety. (HD); 5 News Update 8.00 Police Intercepto­rs Andy deals with a case of criminal damage at a house party, while Duggie and Mark respond to a report of a car abandoned after being involved in a crash. Last in series. (HD) (Repeated on Friday at 12.15pm); 5 News at 9

9.00 PICK Inside Broadmoor Part one of two. The history of the highsecuri­ty psychiatri­c hospital. See Pick of the Day. (HD) 10.00 Under the Dome Norrie and Joe search for the centre of the dome, Julia’s neighbour Harriet goes into premature labour, and Ollie decides to claim Big Jim’s propane supply for himself. (HD) (Repeated tomorrow at 9pm on 5 USA)

11.00 FILM Hostel (2005) 18 Horror, starring Jay Hernandez. See Movie Choice. 12.45 Campus PD (HD) 1.10 SuperCasin­o 3.55 Great Scientists (R)(BSL) 4.20 Great Artists (R)(BSL) 4.45 House Doctor (R)(BSL) 5.10 Wildlife SOS (R)(BSL) 5.35-6.00 Wildlife SOS (R)(BSL)

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