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MODEL BEHAVIOUR: TV model contest successes


Supermodel­s Naomi Campbell, Erin O’Connor and Caroline Winberg commence their search for fresh modelling talent tonight on The Face (9pm, Sky Living). Here are just a few of the

previous TV modelling contest winners – and losers – who have made an impact....

Yaya DaCosta (1) Now better known as an actress, Yaya was the runner-up on series three of America’s

Next Top Model in 2004. She has appeared in supporting roles in films such as The Kids Are All Right and Tron: Legacy as well as the TV shows Ugly Betty and House.

Jasmine Lennard (2) Jasmine shot to fame in 2005 when she was a finalist in Make Me A Supermodel – and, more to the point, incurred the wrath of judge Rachel Hunter by calling her fat and spotty (among other things). Since then, she has become a serial reality show participan­t (Celebrity Big Brother, Come Dine With Me, etc) and dated Simon Cowell.

Abbey Crouch (3) Or Abigail Clancy, as she was known in 2006, when she was runner-up on the second series of Britain’s Next Top Model. She has forged a successful modelling and TV career, bagged herself a Premier League footballer husband (Peter Crouch) and is taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Kelly Knox (4) In 2008, the TV modelling contest went in a different direction with Britain’s Missing Top Model – a show to find a disabled supermodel. Kelly (who has refused to wear a prosthetic arm since she was a child) won, and is now the UK’s leading disabled model.

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