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6am Bananas in Pyjamas (R) 6.10 Igam Ogam 6.20 Fireman Sam (HD) 6.35 The WotWots (R) 6.45 Peppa Pig (R) 6.50 Big School (R) 7.00 Little Princess (R) 7.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (R) 7.20 The Mr Men Show (R) 7.35 Thomas & Friends 7.45 Noddy in Toyland (R) 8.00 Fifi and the Flowertots (R) 8.15 Peppa Pig (R) 8.25 Peppa Pig (R) 8.30 Milkshake! Monkey (R) 8.35 Toby’s Travelling Circus (R)(HD) 8.45 Bananas in Pyjamas 9.00 Tickety Toc (R)(HD) 9.15 The Wright Stuff (HD) 11.10 Cowboy Builders (R)(HD) 12.10 5 News Lunchtime (HD) 12.15 Animal Maternity (R)(HD) 1.15 Home and Away (HD)(AD) 1.45 Neighbours (HD)(AD) 2.15 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Goren and Eames investigat­e a murder. (R)(HD) 3.15 Inside Hollywood Magazine show.

3.20 FILM Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder (2008) PG Mystery, with Lea Thompson. See Movie Choice. 5.00 5 News at 5 (HD) 5.30 Neighbours Lucas comes under the

spotlight. (R)(HD)(AD) 6.00 Home and Away Ricky tells Brax to

testify against her. (R)(HD) 6.30 NewsTalk Live (HD) 7.00 Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Documentar­y following Australian Joe Cross on a road trip across America. (R)(HD); 5 News Update 8.00 Cowboy Builders Part 2/8. Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger help a couple in Southampto­n who lost all confidence in their builder after a series of delays. (HD) (Repeated tomorrow at 8pm on 5 ); 5 News at 9 9.00 CSI: NY The detectives are called in to investigat­e the case of a man who fell to his death from a cursed building, and find he was a pickpocket preying on tourists. (HD)(AD) 10.00 Castle Beckett and Castle investigat­e when famous psychic Vivien Marchand is found dead. Nathan Fillion stars. (HD) (Repeated on Friday at 9pm on 5 USA) 10.55 Body of Proof A man and his former sweetheart are found shot dead in a car. (R)(HD) (Repeated on Friday at 10pm on 5 USA) 11.50 Law & Order: Criminal Intent The chief financial officer of a hedge fund is killed. (R)(HD) 12.40 True Crimes: The First 72 Hours

A girl is kidnapped in Vancouver. (R) 1.05 SuperCasin­o 3.55 Great Scientists (R)(BSL) 4.20 Great Artists (R)(BSL) 4.45 House Doctor (R)(BSL) 5.10 Wildlife SOS (R)(BSL) 5.35-6.00 Wildlife SOS (R)(BSL)

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