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SNACK ATTACK: Sharks on film and TV


In honour of Steven Spielberg’s shark attack shocker Jaws (5.50pm, Sky Greats) – the first and

only Jaws film worth watching – here are some more films and shows with bite... Open Water (2003) Making use of Blair Witch shaky-cam style, this chiller must be every scuba diver’s worst nightmare – and it’s based on a true story… Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis (1) are the stranded divers who find they’re shark bait.

Deep Blue Sea (1999) We’re in B-movie territory with this quirky creature feature. Saffron Burrows (2) is among the scientists creating a superintel­ligent, geneticall­y engineered shark – and suddenly realising we’re not the smart ones any more.

Sharknado (2013) (3) Hot on the heels of camp ‘classics’ such as Dinoshark, Sharktopus and Bait (basically, Jaws in a flooded supermarke­t), this 2013 disaster movie delivers exactly what the title suggests – one freak tornado even worse than the biblical plagues…

Shark Tale (2004) Shark stories aren’t all about horror… here’s a nice Godfather pastiche set in the underwater underworld. Will Smith tops the voice cast as Oscar (4), the little fish in a very, very big pond – full of Mafioso sharks.

Shark (2006) Here’s a shark of a different kind. James Woods (5) is Sebastian Stark, defence attorney turned ruthless prosecutor, in this hit TV series – and he’s just as vicious as the real thing.

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