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6.10am The Hoobs (R)(AD) 6.35 The Hoobs (R)(AD) 7.00 According to Jim (R)(HD) 7.30 Will & Grace (R) 7.55 Frasier (R) 8.30 Frasier (R) 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 9.30 Everybody Loves Raymond (R) 10.00 Four Rooms (R)(HD) 11.00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

(R)(HD) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary 12.05 River Cottage Every Day Hugh tries to get a Bristol office to embrace the ultimate DIY lunchbox. (R)(HD)(AD) 1.05 Kirstie’s Vintage Gems A couple in search of vintage 1920s-inspired decor. (R)(HD)

1.30 FILM Bugles in the Afternoon (1952) U Western, starring Ray Milland. See Movie Choice. (AD) 3.10 Countdown With Michaela

Strachan. (HD) 4.00 Deal or No Deal Game show, with

Noel Edmonds. (HD)(AD) 5.00 Four in a Bed Faisal Malik and Wak Salim open the doors of the Ayah Villa Guest House in Cambridge. (HD) 5.30 Come Dine with Me Cathy McConaghy hosts the third dinner party in Harrogate. (HD) 6.00 The Simpsons Homer wakes up to

find his family missing. (R)(AD) 6.30 Hollyoaks Search parties set out to find the missing Leah. Meanwhile, Tony makes a distressin­g discovery that appears to set back his recovery. (HD)(AD) (Repeated tomorrow at 12.30pm on E4) 7.00 News 7.55 4thought.tv Immunologi­st Dr William Frankland, 101, reveals his thoughts on Christiani­ty. 8.00 The Three Day Nanny Part 3/4. Childminde­r Kathryn Mewes visits Harrogate to help Lisa and Ross with three-year-old Jack and five-year-old Alfie, who have pushed mum to breaking point with their rages and fussy eating. (HD)(AD)

9.00 PICK Grand Designs An ambitious project to build a bespoke metal home. See Pick of the Day. (HD) 10.00 Gogglebox Britain’s most opinionate­d viewers comment on TV shows from the past seven days. Narrated by Caroline Aherne. 10.45 My Big Fat Gypsy Ladies’ Day One-off special exploring the bond between the traveller community and horses. (R)(HD)(AD) 11.50 Random Acts Short creative films. 11.55 iTunes Festival 2013 Featuring Justin Timberlake. Last in series. (Repeated tomorrow at 11pm on E4) 12.50 Shameless USA (HD)(AD) 1.45 FILM Mere Mehboob (1963) U Romantic musical, starring Sadhana and Rajendra Kumar. See Movie Choice. (English subtitles) 4.45 Deal or No Deal (R)(HD)(AD) 5.40-6.25 Countdown (R)(HD)

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