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More VEG, more value!

Who needs meat when you can rustle up delicious, healthy veg dishes for a fraction of the cost? Jamie Oliver shows you how in the final part of his money-saving series


So, we’ve reached the final week of my Save With Jamie three-part series, and today I’m giving you lots of recipes and tips that embrace the colourful, exciting, wonderful world of veg. I’m going to show you that by making veg the hero, you can create meals that are just as tasty ( if not more so!) than their meaty rivals. In fact, I’m a strong believer in having at least two meat-free days a week – it’s much healthier, will save you money and helps to relieve the increasing pressure on meat farming. And, f rankly, it’s bloody delicious.

When buying veg on a budget, it’s important to shop seasonally. Supermarke­ts often stock all sorts of veg, but they’re not necessaril­y in season, which means they’re likely to be more expensive and certainly not at their best. Get to know your greengroce­r and they’l l advise you on what’s in season, when you can expect a glut or pick up a bargain. It’s also a great idea to bulk- buy hardy veg, such as potatoes and squash – they keep for a long time if stored properly and will work out cheaper in the long run. My Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo on page 73 is a beautiful example of how you can turn a humble butternut squash into something incredible. Or, if you’ve got potatoes to use up, how about my Giant Veg Rösti on page 74 – it’s soft, sticky and crunchy all at the same time and makes for an unbeatable breakfast or lunch.

Next up, my super- comforting Puffy Pea ’N’ Potato Pie is a surefire hit for a warming supper – with peas, lettuce, onion and potato, it’s packed with flavour, and the ripple of cottage cheese really gives it the edge. Frozen peas are fine to use for this dish – as with lots of frozen veg, they’re picked at their best so still retain most of their goodness – and they’ll save you a bit of cash. And, last but not least, My Sag Aloo is sensationa­l whether it’s partnering a curry or taking centre stage on its own. Either way, it’s got a zing that’ll really knock your socks off. Enjoy!

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