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6am Bananas in Pyjamas (R) 6.10 Igam Ogam 6.20 Fireman Sam (HD) 6.35 The WotWots (R) 6.45 Peppa Pig (R) 6.50 Big School (R) 7.00 Little Princess (R) 7.10 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (R) 7.20 The Mr Men Show (R) 7.35 Thomas & Friends 7.45 Noddy in Toyland (R) 8.00 Fifi and the Flowertots (R) 8.15 Peppa Pig (R) 8.25 Peppa Pig (R) 8.30 Milkshake! Monkey (R) 8.35 Toby’s Travelling Circus (R)(HD) 8.45 Bananas in Pyjamas 9.00 Tickety Toc (R)(HD) 9.15 The Wright Stuff (HD) 11.10 Cowboy Builders (R)(HD) 12.10 5 News Lunchtime (HD) 12.15 The Railway: First Great Western Sleepy Newbury Racecourse station springs to life. (R)(HD) 1.15 Home and Away (HD)(AD) 1.45 Neighbours (HD)(AD) 2.15 NCIS McGee tries to quell a crisis in a women’s prison. (R)(AD) 3.15 FILM Seventeen and Missing (2006) PG Thriller, starring Dedee Pfeiffer and Tegan Moss. 5.00 5 News at 5 (HD) 5.30 Neighbours Marty is confronted

about the hit-and-run. (R)(HD)(AD) 6.00 Home and Away Ricky’s future hangs on Casey’s testimony. (R)(HD)(AD) 6.30 NewsTalk Live (HD) 7.00 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge Actor Robson Green heads to Michigan’s Great Lakes, where a violent storm threatens to scupper his first challenge against a father-and-son team of muskie fishermen. (R)(HD); 5 News Update 8.00 Animal Maternity Part 3/6. Three pregnant bongo antelopes approach their due dates at Woburn Safari Park, and a hand-reared meerkat is introduced to its new family at Chessingto­n Zoo. (HD) (Repeated tomorrow at 7pm on 5 ); 5 News at 9 9.00 NCIS: The Port-to-Port Killer Part one of three. Tony’s former Baltimore PD partner is murdered. Continues tomorrow at 9pm. (R)(HD)(AD) 10.00 Wentworth Prison Episode 6/10. Jacs demands to know where Toni got her drugs from, and the governor is incensed by a TV news report that casts aspersions on her integrity. (HD) 11.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigat­ion The team investigat­e when a police officer shoots his ex-partner dead in a parking lot. (R)(AD) 11.55 Inside Hollywood (R) 12.00 The Big Game (HD) 12.50 SuperCasin­o 3.55 Great Scientists (R)(BSL) 4.20 Great Artists (R)(BSL) 4.45 House Doctor (R)(BSL) 5.10 Wildlife SOS (R)(BSL) 5.35-6.00 Wildlife SOS (R)(BSL) Channel 5+1 Freeview 44 Freesat 128 Sky 177 Virgin 155 Channel 5 HD Sky 171 Virgin 150

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