The star of the spy se­ries re­veals five se­crets from the set Richard Ar­mitage

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1 My char­ac­ter Daniel Miller is a CIA agent who’s in Ber­lin on a mis­sion to find a whistle­blower. He im­merses him­self in the city – and so did I. I rented a flat in the cen­tre for the six-month shoot and bought a bike to get around, too.


Daniel is from the US so I would slip into an Amer­i­can ac­cent on the way to film­ing and keep it up for the day – al­though spend­ing hours with my co-star Rhys Ifans, who has a strong Welsh ac­cent, was dis­tract­ing! 3 If I needed re­mind­ing of Ber­lin’s vi­o­lent past, I spoke to crew mem­bers who lived in com­mu­nist East Ber­lin be­fore the wall came down. Their ex­pe­ri­ences were shock­ing. They put into per­spec­tive the free­dom Miller fights for – it’s so pre­cious.


I used to laugh at the tech­nol­ogy in Spooks, where I played spy Lu­cas North. Iris scan­ners, fa­cial

recog­ni­tion – it was like sci­ence fic­tion. On this show, I had a wry smile – all that stuff was used by us too.


Miller gets shot in episode one, then the story goes back in time. In the fi­nale, we dis­cover what hap­pens. We filmed two end­ings, one where he dies and one where he lives – I didn’t know which would be shown at the time. Read­ing the fi­nal script to find out his fate was so tense.

Richard (back) as Daniel

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